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B.E. Electronics & Communication Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has an outstanding track record and has consistently produced Electronics and Communication Engineering graduates of exceptional quality and caliber. The educational objective for Electronics and Communication Engineering program are designed to produce competent engineers who are ready to contribute effectively to the advancement of Electronics and Communication Engineering causes and to accommodate the needs of the community.


This department offers the best possible laboratory facilities like Digital storage Oscilloscope, Digital function generator, Digital and analog volt and ammeters, 8085, 8086, microcontroller 8051 and ARM 7 kits. In addition to that the lab is enhanced with interfacing boards such as 8279, 8255, 8251, 8253, ADC, DAC, Stepper Motor, DC motor, 8 digit multiplexed display and traffic light controller, principles of AM, FM Modulators and Detectors, Digital principles of PCM, PPM, PAM and FSK/ PSK Modulators and Detectors, DSP processor kit, Xilinx Spartan 3 Kit, ARM LPC2148 Kit, Optical Trainer, LED characteristic kit and using necessary softwares etc..

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